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Here we go again...

Prepare for another onslaught of misguided, quick-fix, feel-good legislation commonly known as "Baby Dump Bills" during the new legislative sessions this fall. These proposals tug at the heart-strings, bringing a tear to the eye at the thought of one baby being saved. Unfortunately, these laws/proposals do not address the root causes of infant abandonment, they sanction cruel and irresponsible behavior, and they leave wide open the potential for a variety of criminal acts. While the death of any child is tragic, legalizing unaccountable abandonment will not prevent it. Infant Abandonment Legislation - Baby Dump Bills

Bastard Nation has a well-written position paper in regard to legalized abandonment laws, as well as an index of states considering baby dump legislation.  Please contact your respective state officials and let them know that baby dump laws:
Obliterate the identity rights of the abandoned child.
Ignore the causes of infant abandonment and the urgent needs of mothers in crisis; no counseling or social services are accessible either pre- or post-abandonment for abandoning mothers.
Reverse a century long trend in child welfare policy discouraging abandonment.
Directly conflict with existing state and federal legislation and U.S. Supreme Court decisions, such as birthmother revocation periods, birthfather notification, and the Indian Child Welfare Act.
Discourage the collection of medical and other background information. They also prevent anyone from being able to verify that the person leaving the baby is in fact the parent.
Open the door to potential fraud and abuse. Georgia Tann, convicted Tennessee adoption black marketeer of the 1940's, would benefit from these bills.

The above bulleted statements were taken directly from this Bastard Nation ACTION ALERT!


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Last modified: March 21, 2001