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Legislative News



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Not sure who to write to?
Go to voter.com and use your zip code to find your legislators at both the state and federal levels.

Finders Keepers, Inc. is committed to effect changes in attitudes, policies, and legislation that will guarantee the availability of, and/or access to identifying information, for all adoptees and their birth and adoptive families.

Here you will find information regarding current legislation which effects the all members of the adoption triad.  Triad members, and those who support them, are urged to contact their respective legislative representatives to express thier opinions regarding proposed legislation that effects the adoption community.

I found this poem just when I was feeling the most frustrated by the intransigence of the "system" and the lack of humanity I have seen - certainly not on the part of our Finders Keepers membership, but, well, you know...
In the end, it brought a wry smile. Hope it does the same for you.
- Mary-Lee

Progress Does Not Always Come Easy

As a legislator in my state
I drew up my first law to say
that citizens could never vote again
after they had passed away.

My fellow members faced the troubling issue
bravely, locked in hard debate
on whether, after someone's death had come,
three years should be adequate

to let the family, recollecting him,
determine how a loved one may
have cast a vote if he had only lived
to see the later voting day.

My own neighbors warned me I had gone
too far in changing what we'd always done.
I lost the next campaign, and failed to carry
a single precinct with a cemetery.

- Jimmy Carter
Always A Reckoning And Other Poems


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