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About.com Adoption ForumAbout.com Adoption Forum  Tons of information relative to the adoption community.  Resources, articles, discussions, current issues, polls - you name it - if it's about adoption, it's here!

Adoptee Internet Library  Happy adoptees, abused adoptees, and more ...something for everyone!

Bastards Reconnection Page  Be sure to read birthmother Amy Bredes' warning essay "Preparation Before Contact." You really do need to stop, take a deep breath, and consider what has happened in a birthparent's life since surrender.

D's Home Pages of Adoption Search and Reunion   Created by a woman who has experienced all sides of the triad, this site offers a large, well organized repository of internet resources.  Of particular note is her Delaware Resources page, which offers a wealth of information regarding searches in DE.

International and Transracial Adoptee Resources  Transracial links as well as some specific to Korean, Irish, Native American, Aboriginal and Latin American adoptees.

Kerrylynn's Delaware Search Page  Kerrylynn has searched the internet and compiled a page that lists Delaware specific information and links on one page.  Actually, she has a page for each state as well as her own reunion story all accessible from her home page at Kerrylynn's Home Page.

Late Discovery Adoptee (LDA) Resources Contact Ron Morgan to join the LDA e-mail list. Adult content, not offensive but not for the little ones either.

Lia's Links Adoption Reunion Registries and Search Links.   Lia's site contains links to over to over 260 adoption reunion registries and over 200 other search and support links.

Pennsylvania Adoption Search and Education   Although the primary focus of this site is PA searches, it does contain information specific to Delaware and New Jersey, for those of us born and adopted across state borders.

Relinquished has been a member of the on line adoption community for over 4 years. It was founded by Candice Johnn, an adoptee who felt the strong need for support of specified religious agency search assistance.  Since this time Relinquished has informed over 50,000 members of the triad about religious adoption searching and strives to continue to help support the triad community on a voluntary basis.  This site is a must visit for anyone associated with the Catholic Charities organizations!

Shea's Search Series:  The Definitive Guide to Self-Empowered Search  An informative six part series on searching.

Sunflower Birthmom Support Group  Started by a birthmother, this site offers a mailing list that serves as a support group for birthmoms, where they can talk about feelings about giving children up, search efforts, and reunion issues.

TIES  Terminal Illness Emergency Search program.  Bastard Nation has assembled a team of professional and volunteer searchers, as well as a search and reunion support network of volunteers, who have donated their time and expertise to searching for birthfamily members of those with a terminal illness.

Tina's Delaware Adoption Page  A valuable resource for anyone with a Delaware connection.

Voices of Adoption  One of the oldest and most acclaimed adoption search and activism sites on the Internet, with lots of great stories and resources.


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