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Websites pop up so fast there's no tracking them! Be careful of any internet service that offers to find someone for a fee. Searchers are certainly entitled to reasonable reimbursement for their time and expenses (phone calls, document copying fees, etc.), and if they do searches for a living, they are entitled to a reasonable profit. The key word here is reasonable. If you aren't sure, please e-mail Ginger first. Someone in Finders Keepers has probably heard of most every one of the searchers online (and off as well!). There are good folks out there ... just be careful!

All links are for informational purposes only, and does not imply endorsement by Finders Keepers, Inc.  Please email the webmistress with the URL of any site you would like to see included.  If you find any listed site to be a dead link, please let us know.

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