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Recommended Books
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Recommended While Searching...

Jayne Askin, Search:   A Handbook for Adoptees and Birthparents
Arthur D. Sorosky, The Adoption Triangle
Elisa M. Barton, Confessions of a Lost Mother
Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self
Betty Jean Lifton,
Lost and Found
Carol Schaefer, The Other Mother
Ricki Solinger,
Wake Up Little Susie

Reviews of these and other good books are available, just click one of the category buttons on the left. All book titles and cover photos are linked directly to their page at amazon.com.  If you're already a customer, this makes ordering as simple as one click!

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Your local library may have these books on inter-library loan, or shop here at our Finders Keepers Online Bookstore.  Please use the search box below to order any product from amazon.com.  A percentage of your purchase will help Finders Keepers continue its purpose of helping families reunite.

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