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Searching in Delaware
Delaware Code

Born in Delaware?  Adopted in Delaware?

If you were born in Delaware, the first thing you should do is request your original birth certificate, one of the most important documents needed when searching.  Your original birth certificate will provide specific information in regard to your birth parents, which will enable you to locate them.

To request your original birth certificate, you can visit the Office of Vital Statistics at the Jesse S. Cooper Memorial Building, William Penn Street, Dover, DE or request an application by mail from:

Office of Vital Statistics
PO Box 637
Dover, DE 19903

When requesting by mail, you must include a check for $6.00, payable to the Office of Vital Statistics. If you have any questions, you can contact the them at 302-739-4721.

If you were born and/or adopted in Delaware, the next important thing you should do is request your non-identifying information from the agency that handled your adoption.


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