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March, 2001

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Wow, do we keep growing!! Welcome to new members Judith (birth mom), Marc (adult adoptee), Gerald (adult adoptee) and his wife Deani, Jennifer (adult adoptee), Lovina (adoptive mom), Madeline (adult adoptee), Judy (adult adoptee), Sonya (adult adoptee), Monica (birth mom) and her daughter Sue (birth sister).  Welcome back to Sue (adult adoptee), Jim (adult adoptee) and his wife Janet, Lydia (adult adoptee), Sheryl (birth mom) and Geoff (adult adoptee).  


The 2003 Finders Keepers membership fee is now due.  Please give your cash or check made payable to Finders Keepers, Inc. for $25 to our membership chair, Helene, during one of our meetings, or mail to:

Finders Keepers, Inc.
P.O. Box 748
Bear, DE  19701-0748

Finders Keepers is a non-profit organization which is dependent upon membership dues and donations to continue its goal of helping families reunite.  Your membership includes registration in our reunion registry, regular updates on legislation affecting adoption, personalized search assistance until you find, full use of the Finders Keepers library of search, support and reunion resources, and access to an e-mail list of others searching in Delaware.  

We had a special guest at the February 28th general meeting, Delaware State Representative John Viola.  Rep. Viola discussed the changes the members of Finders Keepers would like to see to the current adoption code, most specifically those in regard to the release of medical information.  We enjoyed his company and appreciate his taking the time to listen to our concerns.

There seems to be a cause for concern lately that members of the triad are having difficulty obtaining their non-identifying information, especially medical information, from a specific adoption agency.  Mary-Lee would like to remind all triad members that:

nothing in Delaware law prohibits an agency from releasing any non-identifying information to any party to the adoption, and

if you can't get medical info from your friendly local agency, or get the agency to pass on info about any genetically-linked problems

you do have the right to file a petition with Family Court. (This petition can simply be a registered letter to the head judge)

Mary-Lee has also suggested that everyone who has run up against an agency's unwillingness to inform them of their rights to petition the court for medical information should write to Rep. John Viola or Sen. Dori Connor.  Also, please send a copy to Mary-Lee at skyloom@aol.com

Thank you to Helene for stepping up and volunteering to take on the job of Finders Keeper's Membership Chair!  Please send Helene (stressd76@aol.com) an email with your current name, mailing address, telephone number to include area code, and email address.

Thank you to all of the members who have volunteered their time to keep the administrative part of Finders Keepers up-to-date.  Every little bit helps, allowing Ginger more time to search, find and reunite.

Congratulations to Gene and Sue on their recent reunions - read about it in the I Have Finally Found All of My Pieces section of our website.

Happy wedding anniversary to Barry and Lori!

Jeff has been placed on the list to receive a heart transplant, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  Our deepest condolences go to Vicki on the recent loss of her father and to Michelle on the loss of her birth grandmother.

Following are the current stats from the Delaware Bureau of Vital Statistics regarding release of original birth certificates to adoptees born in the state of Delaware:


18     Pending
10     Denied
336     Released 


The "Baby Dump Bill" is back on the table, Delaware senators and representatives will consider H.B. 68, a legalized infant abandonment law, when the full legislature reconvenes in the middle of March.  Why is this type of legislation a bad idea? These proposals do not address the root causes, they sanction cruel and irresponsible behavior, and they leave wide open the potential for a variety of criminal acts.  Read Mary-Lee's post on our discussion board.  

Finders Keepers opposes this bill.  Legalized infant abandonment laws have not been proven to save babies' lives.  In addition, critical medical information about the infant and his/her parents may not be available to the adoptive parents,  the child may never know his/her true date of birth, and as an adult may be forever denied his/her medical history, ethnic heritage, and religious heritage to name a few.  They may be denied search because there is no information available to them... open records may not open any doors for these babies.  If you are willing to volunteer some time to write letters, articles, and/or otherwise educate the general public and legislators on the true facts regarding baby dump bills, please step up to the plate... the bill is schedule for review in mid-March. Time is running out, and if we do nothing, the bill will pass!  Mary-Lee will be glad to offer suggestions, proofread your letter, give you factual information you can use, or help you in any way. 

If you don't currently live in Delaware, please visit the Bastard Nation Baby Dump Action Alert page to find out if your state is currently considering baby dump legislation.  Please write your legislators TODAY and to stop this legislation that is sweeping the Nation......  BABY DUMP LAWS DON'T WORK!

Many Finders Keepers members have expressed interest in attending the Adoption Healing Symposium in Philadelphia, PA on June 2nd.  We would like to know how many members would be interested in hiring a van/mini-bus for  transportation from a location in Delaware to the symposium in Pennsylvania.  If you are interested, please email Ginger by March 31st.  Following is a copy of the email we received regarding the symposium:

Adoption Forum will be hosting a one day symposium titled "Adoption Healing" on Saturday, June 2nd at Bodek Lounge in Penn University's Houston Hall in Philadelphia, PA.  Registration will begin at 9AM and the program will run from 10AM - 4PM. Adoption Forum is very excited that Joe Soll and Pittsburgh Adoption Healing have agreed to present. Joe Soll, C.S.W. is an author, teacher and psychotherapist who can present a clear comprehensive and theoretically consistent approach to address the issue of healing in adoption.  Joe is the director and co-founder of Adoption Crossroads in New York City as well as the director and founder of the Adoption Counseling Center in New York City.  Joe has given more than 130 lectures on adoption related issues and has been featured or quoted in more than three dozen newspapers, books and magazines. Joe will cover the range of the very profound impact the Primal Wound and his own book, "Adoption Healing...a Path to Recovery"  Joe's book runs the gamut from before birth thru adulthood, all the ramifications of separation of mommy/baby and what you can do about it at all stages.  He will take an in-depth look at the personality of the adoptee, how we are impacted, how we develop, why we are the way we are, and what we can do to change the way our experience affects us. Pittsburgh Adoption Healing will be represented by Carol Chandler, Theresa Boguslawski an other members of Pittsburgh Adoption Healing.  Carol and Teresa are both birth mothers and Adoption Healing is a compassionate support group for adoptees, birth and adoptive family members to deal with and heal the emotional issues that came out of their experience in a closed, secretive adoption experience.  Carol was one of the co founders of Adoption Healing in CT and then moved to Pittsburgh several years ago where she and Theresa founded Pittsburgh Adoption Healing.  This group holds support group meetings twice a month and their meetings are based on the 12 step approach. Carol and Teresa presented an Adoption Healing workshop at our 2000 conference and it was such a huge success we decided to invite them back. If you would like a registration form or more information you can visit our website at http://www.adoptionforum.org/ or email me your mailing address for a registration form to be mailed to you.  They will be mailed out approximately mid April. This one day symposium is certainly for all adoption triad members and for mental health professionals.  I hope to see each of you on June 2nd to help Adoption Forum make this a successful event. 

Karen DeLuca
President, Adoption Forum

Delaware Public Archives

The Delaware Public Archives, 121 Duke of York Street, Dover, DE has expanded it's hours of operation.  The office is now also open on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and is open until
8 p.m. on Wednesdays. 

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 28, 2001,  plan a trip to Washington, D.C., and put on your walking shoes  to participate in Adoption Odyssey 2001 - A March for Unity and Civil Rights in Adoption.  Over the next several months there will be several triad and general media campaigns to spread the word concerning Adoption Odyssey 2001. The media coverage will enable all of us, though unity, to spread the word about open records in adoption.  This year marks the 12th Anniversary of the March and Rally for Open Adoption Records in Washington, DC.  Please join the individuals and groups who are making a commitment to themselves, their families and the entire adoption community as they take a stand, through unity, and march for open adoption records. Though unity we can get our message out.  Help to spread the word, work for our common cause of open adoption records and make this the best march ever.  Now is the time to stand up and be counted. Dare to believe in your dreams - OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS, OPEN RECORDS!!!

The next General Meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28th in Room 1 of the Bear Public Library. Following the meeting, everyone is invited to Bob Evan's restaurant for some good food and friendly conversation.  Next month's general meeting is Wednesday, April 25th.

Please plan to attend the next Search and Support Meeting at 7:00 p.m., on Monday, April 9th, at Sandy's home. Please email Sandy at Sandy_Cox@email.msn.com for directions.

There's some new reading in our poetry section.  Dave and Mary forwarded  Who Knows You. Finders Keepers member Ashlee penned and shared The Wonders of Adoption.  Finders Keepers member Jan has shared the preface of a book about her childhood which she put together for her birth mom, please check out When Pigs Fly.


Mary March 25th
Rob March 26th
Nina March 30th

Please join us at Bob Evan's restaurant following the March 28th meeting to celebrate!

We're still collecting register receipts for the Genuardi's fund raising program.  Keep 'em coming!! Bring your receipts to any meeting or mail them to Finders Keepers, Inc., P.O. Box 748, Bear, DE 19701-0748 .

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If you have anything you would like to share in our newsletter, please let me know.

Love ya,

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